Get Referrals!!   Get Better Leads!!!  

Are you interested yet?

Referrals are a key component to any business,.  They are the source of “happy customers”, proof of your amazing service, and a pathway to generating more leads.

If you can “Educate” your clients, friends,relatives, neighbours, colleagues and networking circle you can easily get a number of referral leads each month.. but too many (OK, most agents) feel that asking for referrals is like “Begging” or its “Too Pushy”!  It’s not. It’s doing your job.

There are many excuses that are probably going through your mind right about why you can’t do this.  Let’s start with this one – I can’t because I don’t have a big database.  

You DON’T need a big database to start getting referrals.  You just don’t. Are you ready to dive in?

First – Rank your database into categories.  (The tried and true Buffini method!)

Think in terms of those who would:

  1. Give you 5+ referrals/leads in 1 calendar year (A+ clients)
  2. Give you 3 referrals in 1 calendar year (A client)
  3. Give you 1 referral in a calendar year (B client)
  4. Give you maybe 1 referral in a calendar year if they knew you wanted them (C)

Next step – Make an Action Plan!

For each category you have created, create an action plan for how you would like to “educate” them on what you do, how you help and why they should contact you when they are ready.  You don’t want to miss this step. Why? Because then your clients will not have the tools they need to help you get the leads that you desire!

Here’s is an example of an Action Plan for Referrals for you “A Clients”

Face to Face – Have a face to face informal meeting at a coffee shop, restaurant, their home, your home…. Wherever is most convenient and would be the easiest way for you to catch up with this.  Schedule this 2x/year. During this “meeting” talk about them ( but be genuine. People love to know you are interested in them), talk about you (not too much. Just a little. Oh, and when you are bragging about how well you are doing, be sure they know you are never to busy to handle their referrals!).  

Items of Value – Make sure you have a few “leave behind” items.  Business cards are essential! Give them a bunch and let them know how and why this is important to you and how they can help by handing people your business card if they think you can help! How about desk calendars? Branded pens?  Anything that will make it easy for them to have access to your contact info and for you to stay “top of mind”!

People want to help – but unlike you and me, their ear may not be trained to pick up on cues in conversations.  Share this bit of insight with them. A perfect example is if they happen to be having a conversation about someone transitioning to a retirement home, or that their last child is getting married…. All of these scenarios are signs that that person may need your help downsizing and selling their home.   

Telephone – Make sure you touch base with your A clients by telephone.  Running out of ideas on what to talk about? How about educating them on rental properties and rental income, or the pre-construction inventory you have access to.  You never know when they will be in a room with someone looking for this exact thing!

Notes – People love handwritten notes and cards.  Find all the reasons you can to send something out.  Birthdays, anniversaries, special holidays! Don’t like writing? (you are not alone!).  There are resources for that! Try using SendOutcards or a similar system that allows you to create and send the card from your computer.  It gets mailed..with postage…and looks like you hand wrote it! O

Special Invitations – Make it personal.  Invite your A client’s out for dinner with you and your family.  Something that builds on the relationship you have and makes everyone at the table feel comfortable for casual conversation.  Make sure you acknowledge them for their friendship by letting them know that it is friends like them that help their business grow.  

Support a Cause -Do your clients have children? Or do they support a specific cause. Offer to help with their kids by sponsoring their sport team, or a fundraising walk they may have coming up.  It’s about reciprocation!

Newsletters – Whether its electronic or print, it’s great when you can send out information about the market.  There are an abundance of resources available for newsletters. Just be sure to finish it off with an invitation for new business.  Buffini says it best “I’m never too busy for your referrals!”

Testimonials – If you don’t ask you don’t get.  Testimonials are an important part of your business.  Whether they send it to you in an email, a letter or they go online and recommend you on Facebook or Linkedin – get those referrals in order! They speak louder than any marketing piece every will!

It’s all about Value and relationships.  

How do you touch base with your database? Leave a comment for me below or contact me via email.  I would love to hear from you!


Rick Pecman, Broker/Manager at Royal LePage Connect Realty