City living comes with a price. How to show millennial that suburban living might be the right choice!

There are many reasons why people choose a home but “community” seems to rank up there with millennial. Yes, the price and features of the home are important, but walkability, community attractions and retail/restaurant are equally important when you are looking to build a lifestyle in the centre of all the action.

So, how do you show a millennial buyer that the suburbs have all this and more? First is to understand their needs, and second is to show them that even the smallest suburban towns have the action and community they are looking or.

  1. Money talks

Prices are typically much lower in suburban areas than they are in the city core and you are getting “more for your money”. Bigger yards and more square footage are defiantly one of the selling features of suburban living, but so is the fact that they could save a little bit of money by purchasing a home out of the centre core. Money they can use towards paying back student loans and credit card debts.

  1. Life outside of the city

Millennial love the ability to walk to nearby restaurants and unique coffee shops. Lucky for them, smaller suburban towns have tons of opportunity for unique experiences. Show them the rustic coffee house on the corner, or the authentic restaurant down the street. Dog lovers? You don’t need to settle for a small dog park in the city. Show them the walking trails and allow them to see for themselves, the opportunities that exist for the social community they crave. Many people love to feel a sense of community with their neighbours. Show them the amenities in the area. Everything from libraries, to recreation centres, to free local community events – there are tons of selling features of “community living” in suburban towns and tons of ways they can get involved. . I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of walking to the neighbourhood park for “Movies under the stars” or enjoying local entertainment. There is life outside of the city, but its up to you to show it to them.

  1. Planes, trains and automobiles

There are many reasons why buyers opt for city life without a car. It may be to reduce carbon footprint, or to save on the hefty fees of maintaining a vehicle. Suburban living typically does require longer transportation times, but luckily, most of the suburban municipalities have plenty of transportation option to and from buses and trains. Even if public transportation is not an option, there is a big difference in suburban traffic than that in the centre core! I would much rather spend 20 minutes looking at grass and trees, then staring at the bumper of the car in front of me. (Maybe planes were a bit of a stretch, but you get the idea!)

At the end of the day, every buyer wants the same thing – a place to build memories. Get a better understanding of who your buyers are, and what features they would appreciate. Knowing this will help make that sale a little bit easier







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