I recently went to OREA’s REALITY conference in Toronto and attended a session led by business strategist Tony Chapman.  His message is well worth repeating and it is crucial for real estate agents that want to thrive in this new world.

Today’s consumer is inundated with ads from realtors.  Their mailbox is stuffed with agent’s postcards; their online experience is filled with AdWords, remarketing campaigns and Facebook ads. So how do you break through the noise?  How do you get their attention?

Most of these ads have one thing in common.  They focus on the agent.  Let’s face it – most agents promote themselves, you’ve all been told you’re a brand, right?  Is that the best way to reach your audience?  Should YOU be the focus of the ad?  Are you the hero?

In marketing, only one word matters: ATTENTION.  When you have someone’s attention, you can engage, inspire and persuade.  The challenge is getting that attention.  There’s just too much noise.  Today’s consumer has seized the power.  They can play, shop, get likes, find dates and find a home all with their smart phone.  You must capture their attention somehow.  So how do you do it?

First, you must come to the realization that YOU are not the hero.  The client is.  Let that sink in…

It’s time to move away from the ad of you holding your cell phone to show you’re busy.  Today’s consumer just doesn’t buy it anymore.  Your marketing message needs to move away from you and move towards the people you represent – your audience.  Stop bragging.  Stop with the I’m #1, I’ve sold most homes.  There will be time to tell them about your achievements, just not now.  Start to focus on what’s important to your clients.   They’re the hero, they’re the ones with chips in the game.

So, what does that mean?  How do you as an agent start adapting to this and break through the noise?

Start by rethinking your marketing.  Look at your existing ads and ask yourself; how can I switch the focus of my ad to showcase what’s important to my clients?  Consider the audience of the ad.

Tell a story.  Video is a powerful medium to tell a story.  Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about switching the medium of your message.  Tell the story of the home, of the kids growing up in the home, of the parents coming to visit, of the family dinners on Sunday.  When you have those kinds of conversations, you’re relevant.  When you have the time to pay attention to what matters most to them, you become so meaningful.

Stop worrying about being #1 and become part of their story.

Contributor:  David Ursino, Sales Representative/Manager //  info@davidursino.com