Humans are born with 23 chromosomes, but no two individuals are the same. Identical twins are no different. They may look alike, but if you look closely you can tell that they are not exactly similar. There will be physical differences due to the environment. Heights and weights, personalities, likes and preferences all help differentiate the twins.

Branding is no different. We are all realtors. We all have the same access to information through TREB, but what makes your brand stand out from your competition?

A Good Brand Doesn’t Just Happen

A good brand is a well thought out and strategic plan. It starts with you, the individual, and then the business/service you have to offer and ends with your passion.  In today’s market, it is critical to stand out from the crowd and be authentic to yourself. Your clients, customers and consumers appreciate when you are being authentic.
From social media, to your print marketing, to your logo and the way you answer your phone are all essential elements of a strong brand.
It is important to remember that your brand represents you…you are the brand, your staff is the brand, your marketing materials are the brand.

A Strong Brand …

… Generates referrals, allows for repeat business and builds credibility.

People love to tell others about the brands the love. Every day brands are worn, eaten, listened to, driven, and used. People are constantly telling their friends, followers, and family about the brands they love. On the flip side, a brand can’t be spoken about if it can’t be remembered.

A good brand connects with people at an emotional level, they feel good when they buy the brand.A brand that is consistent and clear puts the customer at ease because they know exactly what to expect each and every time they experience the brand.

Purchasing is an emotional experience and having a strong brand helps people feel good at an emotional level when they engage with the company.
Think about the brands that you purchase from (Coca-Cola, Tylenol, Mercedes, Christian Louboutin, Apple, McDonald’s)… are these companies really worth their equipment, their products, their warehouses, or factories?
No, these companies are worth much more than their physical assets…their brand has created a value that far exceeds their physical worth.

The Consultation

Like any great service, results can only be achieved after a consultation.

  • what are you looking to gain?
  • what are your ideas?
  • what is your current branding strategy?
  • what are the challenges you are facing?

Research is the most crucial step in the brand identity process. A logo can’t be designed, or the look and feel of your brand can’t be identified without a roadmap. Ask yourself, what are your goals and objectives, your company’s capabilities and values and who your target market is? It is important to bring samples of your current branding, marketing materials, examples of brands you align with, as well as samples of what your competition is doing. All the above is going to get you ready for your S.W.O.T analysis.

If you don’t have a strong name or a memorable brand, not only will you not stand out, but you won’t receive the referrals you are looking for.


Contributor:  James Milonas, Founder – James In The City

Note: This is part two of a three part series on branding.  Please check out the first blog, entitled Do you Need a Brand to Be Successful




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