Body Language + Voice Tone = Rapport

Rapport is one of the most important features or characteristics of the unconscious human interaction.  You don’t necessarily see it, but it’s there (or not) and has a huge impact on how you engage with others. The goal of building rapport is to be on the same wavelength with the person you’re talking to.

There are two elements to human interaction that will help you to build rapport.

  • Body Language:  It’s more than just how you stand or the gestures you use: its the management of space and time around you.  Key elements of body language include:  eye contact, mirror and matching, and pacing and leading. Did you ever have a conversation with someone where they looked everywhere but at you?
  • Voice Tone:  Mastering the art of speaking like a leader is learning to effectively and elegantly apply tonal patterns to influence and to ensure that you’re speaking with confidence and sounding like an authoritative figure in your field.  The tone of your voice will communicate whether or not you’re confident or insecure about what you’re saying and doing.  

Mastering body language and voice tone doesn’t happen overnight but with practice and awareness, you too can get there! Whether you decide to engage in training or coaching to help you master these skills, here’s what you can do right now improve your interactions and ensure you are on the right track to building rapport.

  1. be conscious of where you look and how you look when you’re speaking with people. Are your eyes darting, looking at the floor or staring at the forehead? Are you standing with your arms closed and crossed while your prospects body language reads open and approachable?
  2. Be mindful of how you sound when you are speaking with prospects. Sometimes we think we sound confident and caring but when we hear ourselves, we realize our impression is the complete opposite. The best advice I can give is to record yourself while cold calling or practicing scripts.

If you’re ever in doubt of where to start or how to master your communication skills, reach out to me!


Contributor: Sandra Porretta, Achievement Coach


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