“Why should I use a Realtor?”

It’s the question at the forefront of the mind and at the tip of the tongue for many potential buyers and sellers. It appears that most people don’t really know about all the behind the scene tasks and intricate/delicate situations that Realtors manage during the course of a transaction.  The problem is not in our absence of value – it is in our absence of communicating this value.

Whether you are newly licensed or just looking to stay competitive, the best thing you can do for yourself is to clearly identify what your role is, the level of service you provide and your value to prospective clients.  After all, no two agents are alike! Start asking your clients what they liked about working with you.  Start asking the general public what they are looking for in a Realtor. And lastly, start asking yourself, what you are willing to provide and how that sets you apart from your competition.  Once you identify that, create a clear and concise dialogue and practice, practice, practice.

Don’t be “one of them”.  Next time someone asks the question,  “Why should I use a Realtor?”, be confident that you have the answer and then follow through with action.