I might not have heard all the excuses in the world, but my 10 years of working closely with Realtors’ has given me an open window into some of the most creative excuses for why they (you) don’t prospect.

The basics of starting up any business relies heavily on finding/attracting people who are interested in what you have to offer. The only way to find such people is to prospect – daily! I spend a great deal of time speaking with, training, and coaching real estate agents in their business. Across the board, regardless of years of experience, the area that causes most people grief, is Prospecting.

You know you need to do it, the opportunity is present at any given moment, yet you find every excuse in the book not to. I get it. I truly do. But if you are going to do well in this business, you need to start placing more focus on what is actually going to produce results. Prospecting.

While the list of excuses is endless (really), I have put together my favorites, either because they make no sense at all – or because they are some of the most frequently heard excuses. So here goes!

Top 5 “Real” Excuses given to me by real estate agents (like yourself) for not prospecting:

5. I don’t know why I didn’t prospect.
So what you’re saying is you spent the entire day working out, surfing the internet, hanging out with friends or sleeping?

4. I forgot.
You forgot you had to make money? Interesting.

3. I had a deal that was “falling apart”
Hmmmm. So you spent 24 hours physically holding the paperwork so it wouldn’t fall apart? Worse case scenario, the deal falls through. Don’t you need new business?

2. My car wouldn’t start?
As frustrating as that is, did that one incident really take up your entire day?

1. My dog was sick.
Aaaand….no comment

Would love to hear some of your favorite excuses!