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Take a look at a how a house is built and you will quickly see the importance of starting off with a solid foundation.  For those working in real estate, that foundation is your database, and the best place to start building a solid database, is by working with your Sphere of Influence (SOI).

Everyone, no matter what stage in business they are at, has a SOI.  Family, friends, previous clients (even if from another business), previous business associates, school mates, people you play sports with…. you get the idea.  Your SOI are people that you know, and by virtue, have influence over.  And for that reason, they are the perfect place to start when building a client base of repeat and referral business.

I would venture to guess that only 25% of agents have a complete SOI list, and only half of those actually work their SOI from a “true” systems approach when it…

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