We all have 24 hours in a day. The difference between a producing “successful” agent and a non-producing agent, is what they decide to do with their 24 hours.

I have studied the habits of successful agents, just as I have studied the habits of newer agents whom have become successful agents, and newer agents who have dropped out of the industry. It turns out that the producing/ successful agents have a few habits in common.

1) Mindset: almost all highly producing/successful agents have a mindset about themselves and the business that literally causes them to produce more. How? They know their value, they believe in what they do, and they know ” they are only as good as their last deal”. Real estate is an industry that does not afford the luxury of being compensated for past performance. It is also an industry that does not afford the luxury of promotions. You need to stay positive, determined and focused.

2) Prospect, Prospect, Prospect: High producing agents know that in order to do well, they must continuously prospect for business. This usually means a minimum of 3 hours every day, consistently. And if an appointment comes up, or they get sick or life happens, they don’t just chalk up their missed prospecting time to an “oh well”. They make up that time the next day. Why? Because they understand that for every prospecting session they miss, they can deduct on average $10,000 from their annual income goal. It’s that serious.

3) Client Relationship: no matter which stage of the transaction, these agents put the needs of their clients first. It’s a people business above all else. They also know that “belly to belly” contact is one of the most important factors in solidifying a lead. Whether the contact was initiated via email, social media, sign call or cold calling, there is always an in-person follow up. This is especially important in today’s age of technology. When most people are hiding behind their phone or computer, these agents do what it takes to create opportunities to get face to face. It’s all about creating trust and rapport.

4) Ask Questions: especially true for the newly licensed agents. Ask questions, and lots of them. Ask the seasoned agent down the hall for tips and advice on getting started. Observe what the successful agents do. Ask to shadow them. There are many seasoned agents who have wisdom to share and would love the opportunity to do so. It is smart to learn from our own mistakes, but it’s wise to learn from others. Listen to their words of advice and take what resonates with you.

What habits do you have that you attribute to your success?