The best year of your real estate career has just started? What are you going to do with it?

If you are like most people, you have the greatest of intentions…but somewhere, somehow, something falls a little short. Does this sound familiar to you:

December 31st: ” This is going to be the best year ever!”

January 1st: “ Oh, what a night! I will relax and recoup, and start fresh tomorrow!”

January 2nd – 3rd: “ It’s a short week.  I am just going to tie up some loose ends and get started on Monday!”

January 6th: “ I am pumped! What should I do first? (spends next 2 hours catching up with co-workers)…. Sounding familiar yet?

Everyone starts the year off inspired and excited and yet, every year we find ourselves wondering what happened to the time, and our goals.  I know because I do this every year myself.  Not to say that I don’t accomplish anything, but I certainly don’t accomplish everything I had hoped and intended.  Why? The simple answer – because I fail to set clear goals and/or I fail to put the strategies in place to help me achieve them.  

If we sit down and honestly take a look at the things we accomplished last year vs. the things we had hoped to accomplish, we will probably start seeing a pattern.  We start off with an idea of what we want to do, and then either engage, or don’t, in a few additional steps in order to actually make it happen.  Here are a few tips to take your “inspired” goals to “real” results.

1)    FOCUS:  Don’t just think about your goal, focus your energy on visualizing what you need to do to make it happen.  What does your goal look like once it becomes a reality?  How would your life be different because of it? Are you still conducting yourself the same way you did last year? Is your schedule the same? What are you doing more or less of?

2)    DECLARATION: It’s great to have ideas and set goals in your head, but nothing has ever happened without a declaration.  Just look at history for proof of that.  So how do you declare your goal? Write it down. Make sure it’s clear, concise and most importantly realistic. Then share it with people. The more people that know, the more accountability you have. Accountability is key.  And so is recruiting the right people in your life to support and help you achieve your goal. 

3)    PLAN: Everything in life requires some sort of plan or map.  Can you build a house without a plan? Probably, but how would you ensure you followed the necessary steps to create a solid foundation and ensure all systems are working together, and properly.  Can a ship set sail without a map? Absolutely.  But where will it end up?  Look at what you currently have in place that will help you achieve your goals, then take a look at what won’t work.  Find the obstacles, and create a plan or strategy to overcome them.  Do you need a new system? Additional childcare so that you have more time to set things in motion? Whatever it is, finding the barriers and its solutions will help ensure you are prepared for the road ahead.

4)    ACTION: Every goal must have an action behind it.  Make the decision, and do it.  We spend half our lives “getting ready” and not nearly enough time in action mode.  Results will only start to happen, once you start to apply the Law of Action. 

We each have what it takes to create our own success and achieve our goals.  Make 2014 your best year yet!