You’re away on holiday and your clients want to put it an offer. What do you do?

With Digital Signatures entering the real estate marketplace, does this change how, or where, we do business? Absolutely! A few years ago you would have faxed the documents from your hotel room, entrusted a colleague to process the paperwork or the extreme, flew back from wherever you were to get the deal done. Times have changed.

With the emergence of mobile technology and digital signature programs, you are now able to (and soon will be expected by your client to) process the transaction documents digitally. What is the greatest benefit? Convenience. You can now deliver customer service where, when and how your client wants it. Right to the palm of their hand.

Many people fear that the allowance of digital signatures will drive the industry to a point where you will never have to meet clients to get the transaction done. I’m still a firm believer that real estate is a relationship business above all else. It will be up to the realtors to integrate the new technologies to compliment their business, instead of dominate their business. At the end of the day, they are tools like everything else. Times are changing, and rather than resisting it, we should embrace it and take control over the direction that it takes us.

In the province of Ontario, we are still required to obtain a “pen to paper” signature on an Agreement of Purchase and Sale, but digital signatures are permissible on most other documents. For more information, check out the Real Estate Council of Ontario. Now is the time to start learning about taking your business paperless and mobile. Find a way to slowly integrate the use of programs such as Docusign, into your daily practice, while reinforcing the face to face interactions you create with your clients. Technology is a tool to help simplify business and provide better customer service.

How are you integrating technology and mobile apps into your business? Would love to hear your feedback.