Ok, so this won’t exactly be a true “chronicle” per se, but it is one post of many, that will discuss some of the emerging trends, technologies and best practices that were shared at this years NAR conference.

Ever year the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) hosts a huge conference and trade show, and opens its doors to thousands of Realtors® across the world. This year it was held in beautiful San Francisco, and boasted over 22,000 people from 60 countries, 100+ education sessions, 400+ exhibitors in over 70,000 square feet of venue space.

There was a lot of great information shared at the conference and tons of fabulous speakers. Whether you were looking for innovations and tips for technology use, best practices in business or a good old dose of inspiration and motivation, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

This post will discuss the new growth that the World Wide Web is expected to receive, specifically in the space of Top Level Domains, and what this new growth will mean for real estate professionals.

We have all been accustomed to seeing the common name spaces that are currently available on the internet. For example, http://www.yourcommunityrealty.com. So, what is a Top Level Domain? If we look at http://www.yourcommunityrealty.com, we can dissect it into 3 parts. 1) “www” which represents the host name, 2) “YourCommunityRealty” which represents the domain, and 3) “.com” which represents the Top Level Domain.

It’s always challenging to come up with creative, unique and available domain names, especially with the more popular Top Level Domain names such as .com or .ca. Well, the name space is growing once more!

COMING SOON: Dot Realtor (.Realtor). Yes, a new Top Level Domain will be joining the name space and we best make room for .Realtor !!

In the next little while, members of NAR will have the opportunity to register a domain name with the extension .Realtor ( ie: www.michellerisi.realtor). Doesn’t seem like something to be wow’d by? I didn’t think so either…until I learned a little bit more about what other Top Level Domains were on the way. In the next few years, we can expect to see .realestate, .homes and even .ketchup (pay attention all you ketchup lovers!) joining the name space on the World Wide Web.

Securing and promoting a .Realtor domain name will allow you to differentiate yourself (as a licensed realtor®) from members of the public who are “playing” in the game of real estate. How? Imagine a consumer searching online for real estate and they come across torontohomes.realestate, not knowing that the site is owned and operated by an unlicensed person. Not only can this cause confusion, it also increases the risk that consumers will be given false information, incorrect data and possibly even lead to deal with companies who are using outdated listings to generate leads for other self serving purposes.

How does owning a .Realtor domain change this? Because you must be a registered member of NAR to use the word Realtor®, having a .Realtor domain will let the public know that they are dealing with a licensed member professional. Not only will they be dealing with a reputable brokerage or salesperson, they can also be assured that the data and information they are receiving is coming from a trusted source.

How do you get started? Visit your local association website, in Canada it would be the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), for more information on the rules, regulations and policies on the .realtor domain. For all CREA members, a site has been established to register your name to a notification list so that once registration opens up, you can be notified immediately, and able to secure your unique domain. Click here for the direct link.

So back to the Ketchup lovers…..

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