Business referrals

For most small businesses the likelihood is that most of your new business comes from referrals. Yet, like most small business owners, you’re probably not doing everything you can to get more referrals. Here are a few useful tips on how to use referrals to increase your growth.

Ask for referrals. Many entrepreneurs fail to benefit from referrals because they’re simply too shy to ask. Most satisfied customers are happy to give you referrals–but they won’t think of it if you don’t ask them.

Know the right time to ask. Aim to gather referrals at the completion of a project or upon delivery of a product. The goal is to approach the customer when they are happy with the purchase and the transaction is still fresh in their minds.

Create a system. Set up a procedure for capturing referrals. This can vary depending on your industry. A business-to-business company might…

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