Today marked the 3rd week of our POP! Prospecting Boot Camp.  It is by far, one of my favorite programs to facilitate.  Its so rewarding to watch agents (both new and seasoned), come into the first class struggling with generating leads, only to watch them complete the program with a consistent habit of prospecting, new-found confidence and skill and ….. new business!

It is usually at this half-way point of the program, that I see agents flounder, slow down on their prospecting and find themselves hitting a wall and questioning why they aren’t getting business.   The common theme: lack of a schedule, lack of discipline and excuses gallore!

It reminded me, once again, why our Boot Camps work so well; because it addresses these common struggles that most agents have when it comes to Prospecting. I posed a simple scenario to the agents and asked them to tell me what they would do if they were in this situation.  I asked “If you were at a Listing Presentation with a potential seller and your phone rang or an email came through – would you answer it?” The reply unanimously was “No“.  Great!  Then I asked “If you were in your office making calls to your database or cold calling and a call/email came in, would you answer?”.  Almost everyone quietly giggled and a few brave ones raised their hands to say Yes.  One reason given was simply, “Well, it might be a potential client calling me back”,  Fair enough.  So I asked “What makes a Listing Presentation different than your Prospecting time?”  There was silence.

The problem that a lot of agents find themselves in is that they don’t take their Prospecting time seriously.  Either they don’t have a set schedule in place or they allow themselves to be distracted and essentially pulled away from the one thing that will make their business grow…Prospecting!

Prospecting is one of the most important activities that is Revenue Generating, and yet, most agents fail to do it. It is so much easier to spend time on your website, creating feature sheets, checking emails or researching properties.  And while those are all typical and necessary activities in the daily life of an agent, they don’t directly make you money!

5 simple tips to successful prospecting:

1) Time Block – Set a schedule and chunk approx 3 hours every day for Prospecting time

2) Environment – Create an environment that offers privacy, so that you are not easily distracted or pulled away from doing your work.  If you are engaging in prospecting activities that take you out of the office, then make sure you are prepared with what you will need so that you aren’t taken off course.

3) Consistency – Stick with your schedule..daily.  Its easy to do when you see immediate results, but the real discipline and the greatest rewards comes from sticking with it when you don’t want to.  You car won’t go very far if all you do is add drips of gasoline to it. Same thing goes for your business.  Fill the pipeline continuously with leads by prospecting consistently.

4) Value – Know the value of your time and the value that prospecting holds. Keep that Prospecting time sacred.  Its an appointment, just like a Listing Presentation, that deserves your full energy, full attention and full commitment.

5) Evaluate – After every day, evaluate your efforts.  If you could, would your hire yourself?

There is so much freedom and flexibility in real estate, which is what draws people to the industry.  While its one of the of greatest benefits, it is also the one thing that causes people to fail.  Impose structure in your day.  Create a schedule.  Stay focused and committed.  Prospect, Prospect, Prospect!