At least once a day, I get asked when the next RECO Mandatory Update course will be. We used to host at least two (2) of these courses per year in our Academy. It was convenient and easily accessible to our agents, and it offered a comfortable environment for agents to come together to discuss case studies and Rules/Regulations, while earning credits towards there licensing requirements.

Unfortunately, earlier this year, OREA stopped offering these courses to brokerages. Why? Most agents still don’t know that there is a new education path in place via the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO).

On August 1st, 2013, the Real Estate Council of Ontario implemented a new way to obtain mandatory continuing education credits.

The old program (the one we have been most familiar with up until now) required registrants to obtain 24 continuing education credits for every 2yr cycle. Included in those 24 CEU’s, agents were required to take a Mandatory Update course. There were fees associated with the courses and there was options for both in-class and online learning, with a variety of topics and providers to choose from.

The new program being offered, which is being phased in until July 31st, 2015 (at which time it will be the only education stream available), requires agents to complete a series of online mandatory modules (four to be exact) plus two electives (also available only online), in every two (2) year cycle. The total cost is $44 per cycle and the sole provider of the courses is RECO.

Like most things in life, there are advantages and disadvantages, depending on how you look at it. While I personally prefer in-class learning where possible, the old program offered options for both in-class or online learning, whereas the new path is strictly online. The old path was costly and the courses/content weren’t always relevant and current. With the new path, there is a cost saving and one would hope that because the sole provider is RECO, the content provided will be accurate and relevant.

I’ve listed some FAQ below (in case you’re interested). But I’m curious to know, from those that have started on the new path- How do you like it thus far? And for those that haven’t yet made the switch- What are the reasons you are waiting?

Would love feedback. 🙂



Q. If I’m in my first two years of licensing, do I need to take these courses?

A. No. In your first two years, your focus is solely on the articling courses…and getting your business started!

Q. If my license expires November 2013, which path do I take?

A. Up until July 31, 2015, you have the choice of either staying with the old program or going with the new path. If you have already completed courses and earned credits, you might want to consider remaining on the old system for this cycle (depending on how many credits you’ve already earned). Either way, to obtain the mandatory update course, you will need to contact RECO 416-207-4800.

Q. If I have already completed my CE courses with the old program, but I’m missing my Mandatory Update, what do I do?

A. Contact RECO to register for the 4 module online update course.

For more information,
Real Estate Council of Ontario
Tel: 416-207-4800